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So you found a cat…

The first thing I recommend when you find a cat is to have it checked for a microchip. We can scan the cat at Robyn’s Nest or any vet clinic, shelter, or humane society can do that for you. If it does not have any identification, check to see if the cat is spayed/neutered and if it has all of its claws. Unless the cat is declawed or injured, Robyn’s Nest recommends TNR (trap, neuter, return). This means getting the cat spayed or neutered and returning it to the location where it was found. There are several low-cost or sometimes free options for spay/neuter in the Miami Valley. Please check our list for locations. If the cat is declawed, feel free to contact us or another rescue to see if we have space to take the cat in. If the cat is injured, please either take the cat to a vet or contact us or another rescue to see if we can help.

Robyn’s Nest tries to reserve its space for indoor cats that are losing their homes with their owners for whatever reason. Unfortunately, there are way too many cats and not enough homes.  It can be very difficult to find homes, especially for adult cats.  Millions are killed in this country every year simply because they are homeless. Most cats outside can take care of themselves pretty well. For more information on feral cats, please check out www.alleycat.org.

If you want to try to find a new home, there are some other websites that you might want to check out. www.petfinder.com and www.adoptapet.com all have lists of rescue groups that you could call or email. You can make a great “adopt me” flyer on www.petbond.com that you can post at groceries, pet supply stores, vet clinics, your school, church, and work.  You can also post on the facebook group Rehome My Pet Dayton.

If you find another rescue that offers to help, be sure to ask their policies on euthanasia and adoption. Not all rescue groups have the same policies.

Good luck, and thanks for caring about cats!