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Ask the Vet: Question/Answer for March 2008


Hi! We purchased an 11 week old female lab mix 6 days ago. I am very concerned about her aggressive behavior. At my 1st vet visit with her yesterday the vet was also concerned. She growled and tried to bite him throughout the entire exam. She has also growled at me a few times when I have corrected her, and I feel I have the best bond with her. If she is this aggressive when she is a puppy, will it escalate as she matures? Do I have a personality beyond my control? Would she be better suited to a home without children? I stay at home with with my 3 young children (7, 4, and 1). We also have an 8 yr old Siberian Husky. I am so torn inside and I truly want the best for my family and the puppy. Can you please offer me some advice?

> Jen


Ask the Vet: Question/Answer for February 2008

Question: Hello, my mother in law has a jack russell terrier and he is about 7 years old. Majority of his life he has been aggressive and a biter. He has bitten everyone in the family. It is at the point where the only person who can go near him is my mother in law. No one else in the family can, therfore he is basically restricted to the kitchen and no where else in the house. He even bites her at times, for no reason. It is getting worse. We have a 4 and 2 year old and we are afraid if he ever jumps over the gates in the kitchen he will attack the kids. My mother in law is so attached, and loves this dog and feels like she couldn't put him to sleep, but no one will take him because of his behavior. Is this common in jack russell males? Do you have any suggestions? It's like this animal has two personalities and you never know when he will turn on us. Thanks for you time and help. Jennifer.


Ask the Vet: Question/Answer for October 2007

Question:Hi, I am moving in with my fiance and he has two dogs-Inky and Fidget. Fidget is a mixed breed, very aggressive. I have two cats that I will be bringing with me but Fidget acts like he is going to attack them. He has very pit-bull like behavior in that when angered, he will attack at the neck and hang on! I'm terrified for my cats but can't bear the thought of giving them up. He is also like this with other dogs except for Inky, the one he lives with. I have researched this on the internet looking for answers and can't find anything in specific relation to this. Can you help me? Is there something we can do? Or should I try to find another home for my cats?

thank you,



Ask the Vet: Question/Answer for August 2007

Question: I just bought a pair of rats a few weeks ago & they got sick with sneezing. I gave them Clavamox antibiotics for 14 days. I gave them Yogies Yogurt drops to restore the natural gut flora. But it has been about a week and they still have diarrhea. Currently, I am giving them Dri Tail diarrhea medicine in their water. Is there anything else I can do while they are having loose stools? I have heard that you can give them Pedialyte for kids to prevent dehydration, is this true?

Rebecca H.