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                 Everyone needs a friend!

Adopt a pet from Robyn's Nest and your second adoption fee is 25% off.  

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robyns Nest Ozzie.jpgRobyns Nest Murphy.jpg

Meet Ozzie and Murphy.  They are brothers looking for a loving home together!  Ozzie is a bit more mischievous and loves to be right there beside you, helping with everything you do!  Murphy is a little more quiet, and also a bit heavier. He has only one eye, but that does not cause him any problems.  He obviously loves to eat , and he loves attention.  Both Cats are very sweet!

Come meet them and fall in love with these handsome boys.

Guinea Pigs Plan Wedding

Robyn's Nest Animal Rescue announces the marriage of Guinea Pig, Bobbie Parker to Rusty on September 8, 2021, six o'clock PM , at Robyn's Nest Rescue.  Due to limited seating, you must RSVP to request a seat.  Send your request to: 

Bobbie and Rusty have a gift registry at  You can see it by going to, and in the search box, type Amazon Smile charity list, then go to the Robyn's Nest charity. 

The happy couple will be residing in their home at the rescue until they find their forever home.  Rusty came to Robyn's Nest not remembering his last name. The couple has decided to chose the modern approach of using Bobbie's last name.  Pleae address your gifts and will wishes to: Mr. and Mrs Rusty and Bobbie Parker, 1291 W. Market St,, Germantown, Ohio 45327      

 If unable to attend, the wedding will be shown live on our Facebook page:


Parker Wedding 1.jpgMeet Rusty, the Groom, calm as can be!

large_Parker wedding 2.jpgMeet the Bride, Bobbie, getting her nails done for the wedding.

Dedicated Volunteers always find time!


Meet 2 of our Great Robyn's Nest volunteers!

  Adriana (left) and Chesnee volunteer once a week and do a great job. They are both high school seniors.  Adriana is going to be a dental hygenist and has received 1 scholarship for good grades and a 2nd scholarship is on the way! She volunteers every week and does a wonderful job with the dogs, cats and any jobs that come her way. She is someone we can call if we are shorthanded and she is glad to help when she can. She is even planning to go to college locally because she wants to keep volunteering with us.                       Chesnee is also a very busy girl. She volunteers once a week at Robyn's Nest, as well as being a high school senior, a cheerleader, she takes classes and competes in dancing, and she has a part time job!  Chesnee always comes in ready to get things done, she is a great volunteer.

Thanks Adriana and Chesnee!  We couldn't succeed without people like you!



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Quicksilver having some fun with volunteer, Jordan

Quicksilver is waiting to be adopted. 


Meet our new rescue dogs, Brownie and Babe

large_robyn, brownie and babe.jpgRobyn is at the rescue getting ready to take our new rescuees, Brownie and Babe out for their walk.  They were brought to the rescue by a woman who found them running on the highway.  When she stopped to rescue them, they happily jumped right into her car.  They had no collars, tags, or micro-chips, and they are not neutered yet. We don't know if, or how they are related, but they do love each other! Brownie is especially dependant on Babe.  They stay in the same cage and they are really happy about that! We think they are probably between 1 and 2 years old, maybe they are brothers or father and son.  They are keeping that information to themselves.  They came to us with very few manners, they like to jump and are very active.  They are working on learning to be gentlemen. They would love to be adopted or have a foster home so that they could run and play in a fenced yard.  They love their walks.  Call 937-247-9272 if you would be interested in fostering or adopting two big boys and helping teach them to be gentle men.


Daytime volunteers needed!


Monday, Tues, Wed mornings

Our school age volunteers will be back in schoool very soon,sad.  If you are available to volunteer during weekdays for a couple hours each week, please fill out a volunteer aplication on this website.  You will enjoy meeting and playing with the animals and you will feel so good knowing that you are helping to save lives!

Come volunteer !

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Volunteer to help keep us feed, socialized and clean!

We always need reliable, caring volunteers.

If you can help a couple hours each week or each month, please fill out an application form here on our website.