A previous resident comes to visit!

We love it when old residents stop by for a visit!                                Tom Thumbkins, now named Felix, came in for a nail trim yesterday.  He is a happy boy and, as you can see by his photos, his Mom loves him a lot! This is what we hope for with each adoption at Robyn's Nest. Felix is pictured here with Robyn, giving his opinion on nail trims.  He is also shown with Robyn and his Mom, and can't you see how much she loves him!heart

large_Robyns Nest Robyn and Tom Thumbkins, Felix.jpg                                                                             Robyns Nest Tom Thumb, Felix , robyn and his Mom_0.jpg                                                                                                                         

Wish Lego Luck!

Lego,AKA Buddy, went to his foster home today.  If he gets along with the family dogs and cats, he will be adopted!  Let's all hope Lego and his new animal family members  get alongheart   Lego is a very sweet boy!                                 

 large_Robyns nest Lego  March 6.2021.jpg

Dorothy Lane Markets Good Neighbor Program provided a $512.59 donation in 2020

Did you know that every time you shop at DLM and scan your Club DLM Card, you can select a nonprofit to be "credited" with the purchase through the Good Neighbor Program?  At the end of the year, each organization will be credited a prorated amount based on the total donation by DLM, determined by the pruchases of club members who link their club cards to the nonprofit.  Be sure to link your DLM Club Card to Robyn's Nest Rescue.  This is an easy way for us to earn money to fuel our mission.  Add us as you're nonprofit of chice now at: www.dorothylane.com/goodneighbor


                        Thanks to   Plumb Crazy Plumbing and Drains

Their wonderful plumbers came today and fixed our grooming tub, free of charge!!

What a wonderful donation!  We really appreciate it.

 Please consider Plumb Crazy for all your plumbing needs!

Plumb Crazy Plumbing and Drains

937-204-9683     937-895-4093

Plumb Crazy bus card_0.jpg



large_Robyns Nest Lyddie_1.jpgmedium_Robyns Nesst Mary mask.jpgmedium_robyns Nest Kay mask.jpglarge_Robyns Nest Ella volunteer.jpgmedium_Robyns Nest Tori, Dalton, Katelyn.jpgmedium_Robyns Nest masks_1.jpgRobyns Nest, Baby and Angie.jpg

   We need more great volunteers like these!!

If you would like to volunteer a couple hours a week , especially on Sats., Monday mornings, or Wednesday mornings, please fill out a volunteer application and we will call you. Anytime you would like to volunteer is always helpful!  We can always use dependable, animal loving volunteers!


framed reggie.jpgReginald loves company.  He is a bit independant and enjoys sitting on the table in the rescue kitchen.  He can be seen here doing a little paperwork, until his dinner is served.  He is looking for a loving home.  


framed Jade.jpgframed miss kitty.jpg  Jade is holding Miss Kitty, a beautiful little cat who is looking for a loving home.  Miss Kitty is even prettier than she looks in her picture!

Thanks Jade for being a great volunteer!


Two families found great dogs at Robyn's Nest

and two dogs found great families!

Rocket and his new parents

RobynsNest adoption  Rocket.jpg

Bobby Bones and his new family


Robyns nest adoption  Bobby Bnes.jpg