Microchip your pet

Microchip your pet

Only $15 at Robyn's Nest

Implanted by a registered veterinary technician

Why you say?  

Your dog never leaves your side?

Your cat stays in the house?



Going out of town?  Need someone to take care of your pets?  Get reliable pet care and help out our rescue at the same time!  Robyn's Nest now offers cat boarding here at our facility.  For $15/day we will board your cat here at our rescue.  Cats must be spayed/neutered, current on FVRCP and Rabies vaccines, and in good health.  Vet records must be submitted at the drop off time.  Have dogs or prefer

How to choose dog and cat food for your pet

Do you go into the pet store and just stand staring at the dog and cat foods wondering how in the world to choose the best food for your pet?  There are so many brands and flavors that it can be an overwhelming decision, so here is some helpful information to make your job easier.


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