Welcome to Robyn's Nest ~ 1291 W. Market St., Germantown, Oh. 'Where your money goes to help save lives'

Robyn's Nest is a non-profit animal rescue and adoption organization located at 1291 W. Market St., Germantown, Ohio. It is operated by Robyn McGeorge, a registered veterinary technician. She graduated with an associate of applied science in veterinary technology in 1994 from Raymond Walters College, University of Cincinnati.

Meet Lyddie, Robyn's Nest Very Dedicated Volunteer!

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Today,we had about 9 inches of snow on the ground and temperatures were in the 20's, but nothing stops Lyddie from volunteering at Robyn's Nest!  When her family car was stuck in the driveway, Lyddie walked about 1 mile to Robyn's Nest! And she came in the shop with a smile on her face.  But that is no surprise, Lyddie always has a smile on her face.  She is one dedicated, special volunteer.  Thanks Lyddie!!  

Elouise is looking for a purpose this Christmas season, maybe you are too

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One of the hardest jobs at the rescue is separating families.  Elouise came to the rescue with 2 baby boys. The boys were lucky enough to be adopted together, but the new humans did not want to adopt Elouise along with her boys??? crying  It was decided that the boys would be lucky to have a good home, but poor Elouise is depressed.  If you are looking for a sweet girl to adopt and love, providing her with the nurturing she craves, then please come and meet Elouise.  Maybe then, she can have a Merry Christmas. Elouise would love to sit on your lap and love you.  Elouise likes other cats and dogs,  and would enjoy a pleasant, easy going friend to bond with.   She is a small girl and only 11/2 years old. Might you be the person to make Elouise's Christmas wish come true? 

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Save the Date

13th annual Pasta Dinner, Silent Auction & Raffle

April 13, 2019

Mark your calendar

Kittens can be fun & cats can be predictable.but they all want homes

These kitties are all ready to be adopted.  We like to adopt kittens with a kitty  friend because kittens have a lot of energy and need a playmate.   

robyns nest kittens 10-2018.jpgmedium_robyns nest kitten gray 10-18.jpg

robyns nest kitty gray,white.jpgmedium_robyns nest kittens 10-18.jpgrobyns nest cat  10-2018.jpgmedium_robyns nest butterscotch sleeping.jpgrobyns nest puddin 10-18.jpgOlder cats have lots of good qualities too!  We have been with them at the rescue , sometimes for months or more. We know their personality, so if you want a lap cat or an energetic cat or or a cat that likes dogs, we can guide you to the cats that will fit in best with your family.  Come meet our delightful, unique kittens and cats.

Robyn's Nest, Inc. is an approved charity, #99710, for CFC

Robyn's Nest,  Inc. - CFC # 99710 is an approved charity for

Combined Federal Campaign  for Federal employeeCFC_logo_2011 save.jpgIf you are a federal employee, please consider making Robyn's Nest, Inc. a part of your donor contribution this year.   Your donation will help to rescue and provide care for homeless animals until we place them in loving homes. We use your donation wisely, so that we can help as many animals as possible. We need your support to feed, house and pay medical bills for our rescued animals.  Thank you for your continued support.    

Sincerely,  Robyn McGeorge

Executive Director, Robyn's Nest, Inc

Robyn's Nest has reopened in Germantown! 937-247-9272

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We are open again and Becky and Victoria are here to groom your pets.  Remember, at Robyn's Nest your money goes to help save homeless animals! We look forward to seeing back in Germantown.  No more carpeted floors, what a blessing!  Everything is looking fresh and new. We hope to see you soon, for grooming and all of your pet needs, toys, grooming supplies, coats, sweaters, treats and gifts for human pet lovers. And don't forget to tell your friends and family about Robyn's Nest.  We have wonderful pets ready to find their forever homes. including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rats, and lots of other small animals. We are a non profit 501(c)3 charity.  Your donations, adoptions, grooming business and purchases are so important in helping us save lives. Hope to see you soon.  Thanks for your support!                                                  


Pets are telling their family: "I want to look good and feel good because I saved a life. Please get me groomed at Robyn's Nest"

       At Robyn's Nest, your grooming money goes to save the lives of so many abandoned animals. We have two excellent groomers, Becky and Victoria.  They are both loving and gentle with all of their dog and cat clients.                                             The important difference between Robyn's Nest and other grooming salons is that while your pet gets a gentle, loving, beautiful groom, Robyn's Nest is using your grooming dollars to rescue, provide veterinary care and a loving, safe home at our facility until a forever home and family are approved for each dog, cat and small animal.                                                                                                                      Bring your pet to Robyn's Nest for grooming and everyone goes home happy. You will love the way your pet looks, and even better, you know that while you cannot adopt every homeless animal, your grooming money will help animals to be safe and well until they find their own family.                                                                                    If your pet could talk, they would say  "I want to look good and feel good because I saved a life. Please, get me groomed at Robyn's Nest" 

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Robyn's Nest is in need of Senior Volunteers

School is starting again and some of our volunteers have new job requirements, so we are short handed.  If you have just a couple hours to spare, are reliable and able to help us on a weekly or monthly basis, please call 247-9272 or fill out a volunteer application on this website.  You would be in charge of answering the phone, scheduling grooming appointments,checking out grooms, selling mdse.