Elouise is looking for a purpose this Christmas season, maybe you are too

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One of the hardest jobs at the rescue is separating families.  Elouise came to the rescue with 2 baby boys. The boys were lucky enough to be adopted together, but the new humans did not want to adopt Elouise along with her boys??? crying  It was decided that the boys would be lucky to have a good home, but poor Elouise is depressed.  If you are looking for a sweet girl to adopt and love, providing her with the nurturing she craves, then please come and meet Elouise.  Maybe then, she can have a Merry Christmas. Elouise would love to sit on your lap and love you.  Elouise likes other cats and dogs,  and would enjoy a pleasant, easy going friend to bond with.   She is a small girl and only 11/2 years old. Might you be the person to make Elouise's Christmas wish come true? 

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