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Robyn's Nest is a non-profit animal rescue and adoption organization located at 130 N. 1st St in Miamisburg, Ohio. It is operated by Robyn McGeorge, a registered veterinary technician. She graduated with an associate of applied science in veterinary technology in 1994 from Raymond Walters College, University of Cincinnati. She has worked at the same small animal practice since graduation and created Robyn's Nest June 17, 2005.  All animals at Robyn's Nest are kept until adoption.  We only euthanize an animal in the event of a serious health or behavioral problem that is unmanageable. 

Robyn's Nest is an organization dedicated to saving and improving the lives of animals through rescue, adoption, and education. 



Robyn's Nest had phone trouble over the

weekend and was not able to retrieve any

messages from Saturday afternoon 6/27/15

through Mon AM 6/29/15.  If you called,

please call back!  Thanks and sorry for the



We are looking for a part time groomer who is experienced, gentle, and DEPENDABLE!

If you or someone you know is looking for part time grooming work, even 1 day a week, please call 937-247-9272 or email: robyn@robynsnestrescue.com

If you are a groomer who would like to donate a few hours a week volunteering to groom at our rescue, on a regular or temporary basis, please call us.

In order to keep our rescue going, we need to find a groomer as soon as possible.


Donate your used shoes to help animals and people!

Robyn's Nest, in conjunction

with Wooftrax, is collecting

used shoes. Shoes will be

sent to 3rd world countries

and Robyn's Nest will receive

$1,000.00 for each 2500 pair of shoes collectedAs long as the shoes are

still wearable, that is all that

matters. We have already reached our first goal of 2500 and are well on our way to the next!  Please drop off

shoes at Robyn's Nest. 130 N.

1st St., Miamisburg, Ohio.  Or

collect at least 100 pairs and

call us for a pick-up within

20 miles of the Nest.

$1,000.00 will help a lot

of animals, so let's get busy!



Chief has been adopted by a great family!!

Hi, I'm Chief.  I am a vizsla-catahoula mix.  I have found my forever home and I love it there!

The world never runs out of homeless animals, and YOU can help! Did you know........

50 percent of the money you spend on grooming at Robyn's Nest goes to help homeless animals!    We need our grooming clients in order to keep helping the animals.  Please tell your friends and family about our wonderful groomer, Victoria. voctoria is  very gentle with the animals and makes them look great!  Make an appointment today and tell everyone you know about Robyn's Nest!  The animals need all the help they can get.  Unfortunately, the world never seems to run out of homeless animals.  Thanks for your support, we look forward to seeing you.





Ohio Pet Friendly License Plates help Ohio's Animals

 Did you know that by paying just $25 extra, you can get a cute Pet Friendly License Plate for your car. The BEST PART is that $15 of that money goes to animal shelters, spay and neuter programs and educational programs for animals right here in Ohio.  Shelters, humane sociities, rescues, senior citizens, low income families, and veterans all benefit from this program. Grants are also given out to Ohio groups for their spay/neuter programs. Robyn's Nest is in the process of applying for a BMV spay/neuter grant. Please consider paying a little extra for your license plates, knowing that your money will be helping animals right here in Ohio.  Thanks, Robyn 


Would you help to save a dog's life???



 Robyn's Nest at 937-247-9272 or email us at robyn@robynsnestrescue.com 

You can click on the foster application link on the left side of this page and fill our a foster application

They need YOU!


Robyn's Nest

Robyn's Nest  Animal Rescue

dogs, cats, small animals

247-9272 ~130 N. 1st St.  Miamisburg


Day, Evening & Sat. appts.




CAT BOARDING at rescue

PET SITTING avail. in your home

 Mon. 9-5 ~Tues. 2-8 ~Wed. 9-5 ~Thurs. 2-8 ~  

Sat. 10-4  ~  Fri. & Sun. grooming only by appt. ~ 

  Robyn's Nest is NON-PROFIT 

Proceeds go to rescue homeless animals

Please stop in and see us!




Robyn's Nest needs volunteers to work at the shop, answering phones, cleaning, feeding and playing with the cats and small animals. We especially need people over 18 who could work a 3 hour shift from 2-5 on Tues. or Thurs., or from 5-8 Tues. or Thurs. eve  We also need people to help show our animals at adoption events and work at our fundraising events. We are looking for good foster homes for our dogs until they are adopted. If you can help by working, or by fostering , please call 247-9272 or stop in Robyn's Nest. heartThe animals need you!heart  Thanks & hope to hear from you.

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